Project Description

Personal/Profile/PR website design visually based

Sharee is very reliable!  Her resourcefulness astounds me to no end! Everything I asked for on my site she made it happen. Any problems I had, she was prompt and diligent in fixing them.
Jerry Ulrich

CEO & Co-Founder of SMASH Solutions, LLC, SMASH Solutions

Project Details

Client Jerry Ulrich Skills Branding, Custom Web Design, CSS, Photography & Graphic Design, WordPress Platform, Customization, App Development
*No Longer Maintaining This Site

Full BG Images

I created this site to allow for custom full background images for each page. It truly gives the visitor a unique experience and insight into Jerry's inner world.

Instant Access

Jerry wanted his clients, associates and business partners to have instant access to him. The menu on the home page features an area that makes this request possible in more ways than one. Visitors can quickly schedule appointments with Jerry though his personal calendar, as well as enter his online meeting room directly from his site.
Social media buttons also fill the box so Jerry is always connected.

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