This is going to be the longest post I've ever done…I guess i could have done a video but nah…

However here's the video I want to share:  

I'm sharing this video…not because I share in the delusion this man believes… but because if my friends are liking this video and believing that what he's saying is and I quote ‘hitting the nail on the head' you can pretty much bet that there are friends of yours who feel the same way – and just aren't saying it outright. I'm not talking about just FB friends..I'm talking about true honest to goodness friends who have broken bread with you..laughed with you..mourned with you. This Larry Elder guy (who interestingly enough is a Trump mouth piece) does the Black community a great service in illuminating what some non-Black people are really thinking…if by chance, the out right bigotry showing up in our social media newsfeeds hasn't shown you already.
Why is this a delusion?
Mr. Elder says ‘give me one example of blatant racism you can find':
How about two out of many…I'll just drop these two links below…
And then he goes on to say that white cops shooting an unarmed Black man – is a peril to Blacks is complete and total BS…
Hmmm… Cops and KKK have gone for a long time now…dating back for at least 50 some odd years..but that's none of my business.
But here some's light reading on that if you'd like inquire further about it:
or how about
Some other implications made by Mr. Elder to point out
We're not poor because our communities love welfare. My husband and I are not lazy and neither are countless of other Blacks in America. But yet, countless of us are poor and there is a large wealth gap. Why is that?
According to Mr. Elder (Lord have mercy) Blacks and other poor families are broken and poor just so we could claim a welfare check.
I guess that this wealth gap has nothing to do systematic racism hiring practices…
Please explain to me how companies hiring practices are not trenched in systematic racism?
Please explain to me why there are laws presently that try and keep these harmful practices from happening:
Harmful practices that were considered RIGHT and GOOD just 50 years ago..because let's face it, Whites taught and propagated that people like me weren't even human at first..because how to could humans do the atrocities that are recorded in history to another human being…? “Freedom” came and we were still viewed as 3/5ths of a human being…And even now you can find many people who will easily refer to me, my sons as gorillas,monkeys, animals… people in power who say these things. But systematic racism is gone now… only after 50 years that we had to FIGHT to be treated civilly?… 50 years after HISTORY records people in power who taught this hate – who raised families on this hate – who's grown children even now, continue to Spread this hate. Yes..please
Explain the prison system:…/Statistics_of_incarcerated… another form of slavery…but yet could it be that we as Blacks are just inherently criminally minded. Is that what you believe?
Is that why 1 out of three Black men (and by men I mean aged 12+…because Black boys can't be boys) are locked up?
Is it because you believe Blacks are just more criminally inclined? go ahead an nod yes…
Yes Mr. Elder…racist zoning laws to keep us in poor areas..racist hiring practices, poor educational funding in areas that are predominately Black, booming prison businesses from the ‘war on drugs' and policemen who aren't paid to serve our communities but who racially profile and round up our head of the households… to enslave more and more Black men..yes ENSLAVE…
You can best believe our homes are broken…you can best believe there is crime running rampant in our neighborhoods, you can best believe our children don't finish schools that lack in supplies, teachers…lack in hope in the students that attend there….America tosses all undesirables to the side, or did you not know that.
Like I said before… I have friends of mine agreeing with this man. Agreeing that that Blacks have a breakdown in the family because of something fundamentally wrong with who we are as a people (I'm not talking about sin…or the human race) I'm directly addressing Mr. Elder's comments on Blacks in America. If that isn't racist thinking…I don't know what is..
I know why many readily click the like button on this video because…even though you know me and Jared. It's because a Black man is saying something you want to hear…because many just can't accept that this country that we live in, systematically does away with people like me, Jared and our boys. That is the very definition of cognitive dissonance Mr. Elder.
Systematic racism didn't just disappear after 400+ or 50yrs past the civil rights movement… You have children from those times that are are leaders…who have grown up with racist beliefs..and run this country with such. But hey…I didn't grow up in the 60's. Perhaps I'm just a brain washed loud mouthed Black woman who forgot to read the right history book..
…you know the one that says Blacks were just immigrants. Mmmm cognitive dissonance taste so good going down.
Anyways.. systematic racism isn't THE major problem but it IS one.
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